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RaspberryPi Keyboard!

As a proud owner of a RaspberryPi I definitely need a keyboard for it, if I'm carrying it with me.

So what are the options?

  • A silicon flexible keyboard, which I could roll together, and would fit anywhere
  • A very small keyboard
  •  A smartphone app, which will be my keyboard (via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN)
  • Or integrate the RaspberryPi into a normal Cherry keyboard (pictures inside!)

I didn't want a normal sized keyboard, but that ... that is just awesome :)

To sum it up for you:

  • He used a Cherry G80-3000. It's very robust ("you could put a nail with it into the wall") and nearly empty.
  • HDMI seems to be not a good idea to extend. So he choose to put the HDMI connector at the rear end of the keyboard.
  • To into the keyboard, the USB and cinch connector had to be detached.
  • With all the other connectors inside, they need to be extended.
  • Holes were first drilled and cut in shape afterwards.
  • The hollow space behind the connectors (USB, LAN, Audio [still missing]) was filled up with Epoxy.
  • The keyboard is connected internally.
  • Thus leaving the keyboards original USB connector as the power source (remember, at least 700mA at 5V).
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