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European Game Developer Conference

So I asked my employer if the company would pay for the trip to the European Game Developer Conference in Cologne . And he said yes - awesome!

I already arrived today, otherwise I would have missed the first sessions. The flight was fast, the airport a little bit confusing. I endlessly  walked around the whole airport to find the train station . The conference centre is only two stations away from the hotel. So it won't take too long for me to get there tomorrow. The hotel isn't the Ritz, but it is clean - I'm in the "Paris" room :)

Enough chit chat ... let us have a look at my agenda for tomorrow:

As you can see, there is much more tracks I would like to listen to - sadly I cannot fork or clone myself :/ Luckily, it seems the host is recording the tracks. But I'm not sure, if the recordings are covered by my access pass.

After this brain challenging day, there will be the "Crytek GDC Night" :) Looking forward to it ...

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