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The small post in between

Since I don't take the time to make progress, I decided to post

Reading RFC made easy ...

Reading a RFC has always been a pain in the ass. No pain no more - today I discovered PrettyRFC! This little tool reformats the boring plain text RFC documents into rich text documents featuring a index of contents and linking between different RFCs. Above of it all you won't hurt your eyes reading it.

Love2d 0.8 released

It's a little bit late to blog about it, but better late than never. A new release of love2d 0.8 (name Rubber Piggy) was released on April the 8th. The biggest change: They added shaders! The new release also features the latest version of Box2D, a physics engine for games - but this also breaks some stuff, because Box2D had vast API changes. You can read all about this and other changes in the release notes.

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