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The small post in between

Since I don't take the time to make progress, I decided to post

Reading RFC made easy ...

Reading a RFC has always been a pain in the ass. No pain no more - today I discovered PrettyRFC! This little tool reformats the boring plain text RFC documents into rich text documents featuring a index of contents and linking between different RFCs. Above of it all you won't hurt your eyes reading it.

Love2d 0.8 released

It's a little bit late to blog about it, but better late than never. A new release of love2d 0.8 (name Rubber Piggy) was released on April the 8th. The biggest change: They added shaders! The new release also features the latest version of Box2D, a physics engine for games - but this also breaks some stuff, because Box2D had vast API changes. You can read all about this and other changes in the release notes.

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GitHub fastlane

Work related I have to get my head a little bit deeper into Git and GitHub. So I've been reading a few articles, and I'm pretty sure I will read more of them :)

On of the things I stumbled upon is this awesome image, which describes a possible workflow when you want to contribute to an other project on GitHub. You will find most of the things you need to know on this image!

Also a very helpful is the help of GitHub itself, which is hosted as git project itself.

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Long time no see

Sadly I wasn't able to work on my stuff lately. Instead of figuring out how to move those brain thirsty zombies around, I was playing around with node.js (more on that another time).

I was thinking about writing something here, but what would it look like, if I came with empty hands? So I decided to push my first zombie game onto GitHub. I even found a name for the project ... "Zombie Zero". Now I am thinking about working again on those zombies. Maybe adding the possibility to save your highest score and even an cooperative multiplayer mode. I also thought about adding a kind of "calling home" feature. Not in a bad way! I just want to know about the users who are playing this game, to answer a few questions of mine:

  • How long do they play?
  • How often do they play?
  • What scores are they reaching?
  • Maybe even tracking the accuracy

Tracking is kinda "a bad thing" ... at least when you don't know about being tracked. So that should be an option to enable or disable as one likes.